PhotoBot's Green Screen Photo Booth

 Green screen set up for Flashpoint wrap party

Green screen set up for Flashpoint wrap party

We're proud to bring you PhotoBot, our signature technology to supercharge any party or event.

This isn't your average Photo Booth. We're living in the age of social media with instant connections and rapidly evolving technologies, and PhotoBot is the cutting edge. We'll give you on-the-spot, high-quality prints of your shots, and upload your pics to the net. You'll be able to browse, download, share and buy prints at your leisure.  

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is the use of green screen technology. Using tried and tested technology you can ignite your imagination. Check out the Information/FAQ page for more info.

This is the ultimate party machine! And it's ready to supercharge your next event.

                                                                                           Photographic output for Flashpoint wrap party

                                                                                          Photographic output for Flashpoint wrap party


About us

Thomas and Mike Moran were the founding partners at 44 Wide, a large format photographic print production company. We developed tens of thousands of customers with Groupon in less than a year. The feedback Groupon got from their clients about 44 Wide generated a 97% rating of "Excellent."  All of those responders indicated they would recommend us to their friends.


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Our Customer Service Philosophy

"Customer service shouldn't be a barrier that someone needs to hurdle. Rules are guidelines that are poured in sand not regulations cast in concrete." 

If you're not satisfied with the response or outcome with one of our front-line staff, we will respond to your concerns immediately. Our direct contact can be found here


Michael and Thomas Moran.