PhotoBot's photo booth "Macro to Micro"

I've talked previously about how our backdrop can open up to a macro size accommodating 12 or more people in a shot. That's something that isn't possible with a fixed booth. Last Friday we went micro and set up on a stair landing at Maria's house. The landing was about 10' x 7', we set up in a 6' x 7' footprint that still allowed people to pass through and access the rooms at the other end of the landing. We used a 4' x 6' pop up green screen that worked beautifully. At times there were a dozen people on the landing and up to 6 people in the shot. If you're having a house party and think that a photo booth might be too big, think about PhotoBot. Macro or Micro spaces we can manage them all.




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Posted on October 22, 2013 .